EBSL is a league that started over 30 years ago to help develop the love of swimming in the East Bay. The purpose of the East Bay Swim League, (hereafter EBSL), is to provide young swimmers with an opportunity for summer recreational swimming competition, in an atmosphere that fosters sportsmanship, team spirit, cooperation, and respect for the other swimmers and the league. It was started in the Hayward area, but has spread to Southern Fremont, Newark, San Leandro, and Castro Valley. Newark Bluefins were the eleventh team added to the league in the Spring of 1997 and the Columbia Crocodiles were added in the Spring of 1998. Each year EBSL hosts its championship meet where all twelve teams in the league compete to determine the overall league champion.   

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EBSL Executive Board of Directors

John Whitby

Home Team: San Leandro Drowning Darryls
Email: president@ebsl.org

Orna Kretchmer
Vice President

Home Team: Mission Valley
Email: vicepresident@ebsl.org

Rana Shamoun

Home Team: Warm Springs Gators
Email: secretary@ebsl.org

Jenny Kubicki
Computer Director

Home Team: Bay Area Dolphins
Email: computer@ebsl.org

Glenn Mitchell

Home Team: Chabot Marlins
Email: treasurer@ebsl.org

Tona Medina &
Anthony Tse
Digital Media Director

Home Team: Newark Bluefins
Email: digitalmedia@ebsl.org

Robert LaFontaine
Meet Director

Home Team: Glenmoor Stingrays
Email: meetdirector1@ebsl.org

Patrick Ryken
Meet Director

Home Team: Chabot Marlins
Email: meetdirector2@ebsl.org

Board Meeting Schedule & Locations

James Madison Elementary School

Redwood Chapel Community Church

Englander Sports 


Chabot College


Alta Pool

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